Officers and Committee Chairs 

Worshipful Master

wm 50 Officers and Committee Chairs

Ken Olsen

The Worshipful Master is the leader of the lodge. He is responsible for conducting ritual, leading stated meetings, conferring degrees, maintaining the budget, and working with the board of trustees. All lodge proceedings are at his will and pleasure.

Senior Warden

sw 50 Officers and Committee Chairs

Steve Liquori

The Senior Warden assists the Worshipful Master in the execution of his duties. He can take charge of the lodge in the Master’s absence. Also, he is responsible for the proficiency of the lodge’s ritual work, and tending to the sick and distressed.

Junior Warden

jw 50 Officers and Committee Chairs

Doug Steele, PM

The Junior Warden is responsible for the Craft while they are at refreshment. This includes running stated meeting dinners, providing drinks and snacks at social functions, as well as assisting the Worshipful Master in planning fundraising events.



treas 50 Officers and Committee Chairs

Marc Mittelsteadt, PM

The lodge Treasurer is responsible for keeping an accurate account of all of the lodge finances as well as receiving all incoming funds from the Secretary. He is responsible for paying all of our bills as well as making reimbursements by order of the Master and consent of the lodge, usually by a vote.


sec 50 Officers and Committee Chairs

George Daggett, PM

The Secretary is responsible for taking a true and accurate account of lodge proceedings and accepting money from the brethren to be paid to the Treasurer. He is responsible for reporting our goings on to the Grand Lodge when required, and responds to correspondence from brothers and other lodges.

Senior Deacon

sd 50 Officers and Committee Chairs

Fred Abraham

The Senior Deacon conducts candidates as they make their way through the degrees. He attends all alarms at the door of the preparation room, and introduces and accommodates visiting brothers from other lodges. He also readies the lodge before each meeting.


Junior Deacon

jd 50 Officers and Committee Chairs

Edward C Balko

The Junior Deacon attends all alarms at the door of the lodge, and sees to it that the lodge is tyled and directs the Tyler accordingly. He assists the Senior Deacon in conducting candidates through the degrees and readying the lodge before each meeting. He also may be called upon to assist in welcoming guests.

Senior Steward

ss 50 Officers and Committee Chairs

Scott Lindley

The Senior Steward is responsible for leading the effort to prepare a candidate for a degree. Also he serves to assist the Junior Warden in the execution of his duties by helping to prepare meals and provide refreshments. He does other duties as assigned by the Junior Warden and the Worshipful Master.

Junior Steward

js 50 Officers and Committee Chairs

Christopher Britt

The Junior Steward is an assistant to both the Junior Warden and the Senior Steward. He also assists in the preparation of a candidate for a degree as well as other duties such as assisting at social functions and fundraisers. Other duties may be assigned as well by the Worshipful Master and Junior Warden.



chap 50 Officers and Committee Chairs

Cameron Smith

The Chaplain leads the lodge during invocations and prays that those lessons learned in the lodge are used on the outside as well. He prays that we can keep our passions in due bounds towards all mankind. The Chaplain may be called upon to lead a prayer at any time.


marshall 50 Officers and Committee Chairs

Darrell Jenkins

The Marshal is responsible for posting the Colors in their Honored Place in the East at each of our meetings. He interrogates would-be Masons before they are invited into the lodge for the first time, and also acts as a sergeant-at-arms per the orders of the Worshipful Master.


tyler 50 Officers and Committee Chairs


The Tyler serves as a sergeant-at-arms protecting the outer door of the lodge. It is his responsibility to turn away cowans and eavesdroppers in order to maintain the secrecy of lodge proceedings. In addition, he will test visiting brothers.

Board of Trustees

  • Doug Steele, PM
  • Brian Bullock, PM
  • Darrell Jenkins

  • Ritual and Proficiency

    • Kenneth Olsen


    • Scott Lindley

    Masonic Education

    • Christopher Huson, PM
    • Jason Michlowitz, PM
    • Ron Watkins, PM
    • Gene Huttloff, PM (Emeritus)

    Digital Presence

    • Jason Michlowitz, PM
    • George Daggett, PM
    • Edward C Balko

    Building and Grounds

    • Fred Abraham


    • Doug Steele, PM


    • Matt Hinson, PM

    Charity and Hospital

    • Derrick Ray Ellis

    Awards and Recognition

    • Chris Huson, PM

    District Deputy Grand Master, District #14

    • Tony Hernandez, PM

    *PM — Past Master